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By B. Duvall, 01/06/16, 1:30PM EST


CVVC #1 Two Years in a Row Releases Annual Report - Coastal Girls Once Again Top VA!

The 2015 National Rankings take a club's placement in national top 100 for each of the past five years in ages 14-18 and awards points for each team a club places in the top 100.  The State Rankings take a club's top 100 state rankings for 2015 in ages 14-18 and awards points for each team a club places in the top 100.

2015 Virginia Club Rankings

In order to be considered into the “club” rankings, there are certain criteria that USclubrankings specifically follows. The first is that the club must have at least 3 teams in different age groups. We then take the top team in each individual age division from your state ranking and put a point total to it based on that team’s rank. 

State Rank: for your club’s highest ranked team: 
1. 100pts 
2. 99pts 
3. 98pts 
4. 97pts 
5. 96pts 

We then multiply the point total by a weighted percent based on the varying importance of each age division (Ex: older age groups are weighed more heavily based on college recruitments, coach strength, etc). 
• 14’s are weighted 10% 
• 15’s are weighted 15% 
• 16’s are weighted 25% 
• 17’s are weighted 25% 
• 18’s are weighted 25% 

We add your points from 14’s to 18’s for your total score.

Virginia Rankings (by

Points Rank Club
98.05 1 Coastal-VA
96.75 2 VA Elite
96.2 3 NVVA
95.9 4 RVC
95.55 5 Beach Elite
92.95 6 VA Juniors
90.65 7 Fredericksburg
90.65 8 Vienna Elite
82.8 9 NRV Juniors
80.95 10 Evolution VBC
79.8 11 BRYC
77.4 12 Arlington Elite
75.35 13 NV Premier
70.35 14 Clash
68.85 15 Ocan Volleyball