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    The Coastal Virginia Volleyball Club was created to bring the youth players of the Virginia Beach Region the highest-quality on and off court experience available. Our continued development of the Boys and Girls programs has allowed our teams to be successful regionally and nationally each year.  Coastal's dedication to teaching the most current techniques being used by the top collegiate and international programs has produced some of the highest-quality players in the region.  Coastal's success in placing athletes into college programs is unprecedented in the Hampton Roads area.   If you would like to know more about our programs please refer to the tabs on the top of this page.

    Coastal/TVA Jrs. Admirals Night

    Coastal and TVA Jrs. Admirals Night

    Join us for a night of family and fun for Coastal and TVA Jrs. Admirals night December 7th. 

    Attached is the link for you to purchase your tickets to The Coastal and TVA Jrs Admirals night on Dec 7th.   Please click on the link or copy and paste into your browser.

    Once you purchase your tickets you will receive an email confirming your order and how to print tickets.

    If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

    Thank you,

    John Castro

    Head Coach - Coastal 15John.

    Director of Family Experience.

    Coastal VA VBC


    We are having another round of tryouts November 17th & 24th from 11am till 1pm at TVA!!!    We are still looking for a few more players in all age groups so feel free to reach out to any HS teammates, friends, or little brothers interested in playing.  Use the link below to preregister.

    Poinsettia Fundraiser has begun!

    Earn money toward your Coastal tuition!

    It's time for 2019 Tidewater Volleyball Association’s Annual Poinsettia Fundraiser

    Our annual fundraiser is an opportunity to sell poinsettias with a significant portion going directly to offset tuition for Coastal and TVA players. Last year’s highest seller raised nearly $900 toward tuition, and average sale participants earned nearly $200.

    Our poinsettias are sourced from a Virginia grower and known locally for outstanding quality that far exceeds poinsettia’s found in big box stores. Many of our buyers come back year after year, and don’t be surprised if buyers are so impressed that they want to purchase more plants after delivery! In order to simplify orders for our players, we only sell red flowers.


    Price Per Plant


    Blooms Per Plant


    Player credit per plant

    4" Poinsettia






    6" Poinsettia






    8" Poinsettia






    10" Poinsettia







    All orders must be submitted and paid for by Sunday, November 17th at 5 PM. 

    How to take a person’s order: Fill out the information on the Order Sheet (located below). It provides enough information to help you know what was ordered and to make arrangements to deliver them later.

    How to submit your order:

    CHECKS ONLY. If you have collected cash from your customers, please deposit that money into your checking account and provide us with a check or money order. This is for your safety and protection to prevent cash from being misplaced. Checks will be deposited before delivery to ensure they clear. Bounced checks will not receive flowers or tuition credit.

    USE THE ORDER SUMMARY FORM  (Located below) to compile your order and checks and place it in a sealed envelope. PLEASE include your contact information. I will confirm your order via phone or email once received. If you do not receive a confirmation by November 20th, contact Heidi.

    MAKE SURE WE HAVE YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION Delivery dates change. There may be questions. We want to be sure the right amount is credited to the right player.

    WHEN DO I DROP OFF MY ORDER? An Evans family member will be present to accept assembled orders on Sunday, November 17th from 2 to 5 PM, as well as other dates that week. Dates will be announced soon. Or contact Heidi.

    PICKING UP YOUR ORDER The plants are tentatively scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday, December 4thOrders MUST be picked up at TVA BEFORE 5 PM delivery day.  The delivery takes an entire court and the space is needed for practice at 5 PM. And just to make this is extra special crazy, the delivery date may change. IT’S HAPPENED EVERY YEAR.  We know it’s a pain. We feel you. We are taking off work too. You will be contacted by November 23rd with the final pick up date. Which is why Heidi REALLY NEEDS your contact information.  

    YOUR ORDER MAY BE PHYSICALLY BIG One box of the largest plants takes an entire front row car seat.  If you have a small car, please ask Heidi or Mike Evans to check your order. If you have more than $300 worth of plants ordered, you may need a minivan, SUV or even truck.

    Questions? Please contact:

    Heidi Evans

    512-417-6210 (C)

    Good Luck!

    Play Safe

    As members of USAV, AAU, & the JVA all of Coastal's coaches are at a minimum USAV IMPACT certified & have completed AAU's Positive Coaching Alliance training (PCA).  Additionally, each coach is cleared through background screening from each of those governing bodies, as well as added screening for NCAA employees and NCAA Conference Camps (ACC, Big10, etc).  We also train in First Aid and CPR certification.  Coastal & Tidewater Volleyball are also members of multiple child safety programs, including the USOC's SafeSport.